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Grandpa and Grandma Scott

A. D. and T. were already retired when I got acquainted with them. They had homesteaded in western Kansas and invested profits from their wheat crops in a general store and other buildings in the little town where I was born. The general store had been sold but the land was still farmed by one of their daughters and her husband.

A. D. always wore a hat--usually a homburg. When he went to bed at night he hung his hat on the bed-post and when he got up he reached for his hat. The only other times he took it off was when he went to the table and when he went to the local barber shop for a shave or haircut.

He walked the few blocks to town every morning to get the mail at the postoffice, discuss the weather and news with his cronies at the barber shop or Masonic Hall, and check on business with the renters of buildings he owned. Occassionally he would drop by to visit with the agent at the railroad station and once each year--in late summer or early fall--order tickets for their annual trip to California for the winter.

T. was strictly a homebody. She had raised eight children and was content to sit in her rocking chair and twiddle her thumbs. She seldom cooked. Meals were more like snacks--bread, crackers, cheese, cold-cuts, pickles, and a bottle of milk. An older brother said when she did cook it would be a chicken which she ruined by skinning it first!

A. D. never bothered to tell her when he ordered train tickets for California so she had an understanding with the ticket agent that he would let her know. When A. D. would come back from town, toss the tickets on the table and announce, "T., we're leaving for California on the 5 AM train day after tomorrow", she would pull the almost packed suitcases out from under the bed and finish the job.


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