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My hometown was one of those typical County Seat towns with the courthoouse in the middle of a square of business houses. On most of the streets radiating from the "square" the business houses only extended for one block and then came the big homes of the more affluent in the community or the churches. The streets had names, but no signs, and were often known by a local nickname.

For instance, there was "Swellhead". No doubt so designated because as you traveled away from the 'square' you passed the home of a former governor of the state, a lawyer and former U. S. Cabinet member, owner of a local drug store, a doctor, owner of an automobile agency, owner of a hardware store, two more lawyers, and several semi-retired farmers and landowners. We even lived there once for a few years--in a rented house way down near the end of the street.

Many of the buildings on the 'square' had converted the second floor to apartments when it was no longer possible to rent the space to doctors, lawyers, and dentists. They were occupied mostly by widows who couldn't afford the upkeep of a house.

Everybody knew everybody else and most of their business. After two or three years delivering handbills and owning a paper route I knew where everybody lived and their dog by name. This close knit community had both good and bad points. You knew who you could trust but if you got out of line the word might get to your folks before you got home for supper!


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